Windows Vista Tips

Bypass open with lookup web service
Change Registered Owner of Windows
Change taskbar time to military/international format
Change Windows Vista Product Key after install
Check Windows Vista Activation Status
Checkbox Select Alternative
Command Prompt Power Tips
Create a direct shortcut to Network Connections
Create an administrator command prompt shortcut
Create symbolic links & directory junctions (hard &…
Disable Windows startup sound
Easily transfer apps from XP to Vista
Elevate Command PowerToy
Enable detailed logon, logoff and shutdown status messages
Enable expanded right click menus
Enable On Screen Keyboard
Enable Screen Magnifier
Expand Explorer Preview Pane with PreviewConfig
Extend Activation period past 180 days
Extend Activation period to 180 days
Fix hibernate after running disk cleanup
Fix: No Screensaver with Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 6000
Force your web site to be rendered in IE7 mode in IE8
Free up Disk Space by deleting backup files
Free up more space on your computer
How to delete / replace a system file
How To: Detect what process is thrashing your hard drive
How to: Dual boot XP and Vista
Install Vista without product key
Install Windows Vista on your Mac with Boot Camp
Keyboard shortcut to open Task Manager directly
Launch Flip 3D Alt+Tab Replacement
Make mapped network connections work for privilege escalated…
Make NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices work in Vista
Managed your stored network passwords
Missing the old File, Edit, View menu bar?
Mount a CD Image
Quick launch shortcut keys
Recover from Reduced Functionality Mode
Remote Assistance Shortcuts
Run as administrator start menu keyboard trick
Show super hidden files
Stop autostart applications
Tweak your mouse scroll wheel
Uninstall / Turn off unneeded features
Use Mobility Center
Use path wildcards to save time in explorer and command…
Verify you have signed drivers
Vista SP1 Help Files
Windows Media Center keyboard shortcuts
Windows Vista Upgrade Install Fix
Wireless Network Search Refresh

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