Windows Vista: Customize the User Interface tweaks

3D Cube Virtual Desktop
Add “Open with Notepad” to right-click context
Animate your network icon
Change Boot Screen (32-bit only for now)
Change color of glass with regedit (with decimal to hex ARGB…
Change the registered owner of your PC
Change Vista’s Visual Style with hacked system files
Customize Start Menu power buttons
Disable ClearType font smoothing
Disable pop-up balloon tips
Display Background Image across multiple monitors
Enable alternative logon screen
Enable hidden Boot Screen
Enable New Vista Aero Cursors
Enable Vista Glass on Compatible Hardware
Enhancing Windows Dreamscene with Deskscapes
Fine tune ClearType Settings
Fine-tune desktop icon size
Fix Windows Vista Fonts
Kill Security Center Notifications
My Exposé, add OS X Expose to Vista
Remove file delete confirmation
Remove text from desktop icons
Restore Desktop Icons
Show Run Command on Start Menu
Slow Motion Aero Glass Animations
SmartFlip – Cool Flip 3D replacement
Speed up Flip 3D
Stop User Account Control (UAC) screen flicker / flash
The Ultimate Vista Screensaver Tweaking Guide
Tweak your glass window borders
Use small icons in Start Menu
Using Windows Dreamscene (with extra Dreamscene content)

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