File 14 cannot be edited at this time. ORA-01110: &lt data file

This ORA-00372 is used to attempt to modify the content of an image that cannot be modified. The database is probably part of your own read-only tablespace, but you may need to go offline or the database may be closed.

I got the “ora-00372: file cannot be modified at this time while getting the Oracle database fine.

$ or or 00000, 372
00372, "File not %s can be modified at the moment"
// *Reason: Trying to change the contents of a modified file is difficult to do
//. The file is probably part of a read-only tablespace.
// I am '' but I am shutting down or creating a new database
// Be a process in closing.
// *Action: check the status of all files in your tablespace and in your table

File %s May Not Be Modified At The Moment Because It Is Available

This ORA-00372 is about the requirement to change the contents of a right that the file may not be changed. This is most likely a read-only tablespace, but it may be offline at the moment or the database is shutting down.

ORA-372 has literally temporarily appeared in the table space, although this task has the status ONLINE Image:

ORA-00372: 999 cannot be changed to specified
ORA-01110: moment data file 999: '/

/temp01.dbf' About 00000, Ore-372: $372 00372, "File %s cannot be"No change to be made at the moment." // *Reason: An attempt was made to change the contents of a file that is not possible // changed,. The file is most likely part of a read-only available tablespace. // only disconnect in the task, and maybe the database // Be ready to close everything.*Action: // Check the status of the tablespace and file connection

However, neither the temporary “offline” nor the “READ-ONLY” DBA_TABLESPACES.STATUS tablespace is in the “ONLINE” state.

ERROR 30293935, unpublished ERROR – TRACKING (ORA-00372: lrg 22002464 TEMP in TABLESPACE)

Apply both fixes 26280704 and 30293935 to your environment.
apply DBRU 19.7 or

ORA-00372: top level database failure. You will find an excerpt below with warning log entries.

Instigate //..dbw4_38303.File trc failed:
ora-00372:34 cannot currently be a user file
ora-01110:33: data '//... 261.1006858737'
Error in file //.._dbw4_38303.(incident=720831):

USER trc (ospid: exit 38316): instance is on path to 372
2019-05-24T00:10:32 error.From 404024+03:00
system state dump just requested (instance=1, osid=38316 (dbw7)), end summary=[abnormalInstance Resolution].Du
Reset system state to Tracefile// file..diag_38264_20190524001032.trc

The data file is mostly ONLINE and available on disk. There are no problems with data file combinations. No damage found.

Trace files show intermittent dml request (failed with insert/update) with ORA-00372 error.

Problem manifestations correspond to corresponding bugs, bug 29533604 and bug 28338982, are closed, like bug 26126424

If you want to learn more about Oracle Database for beginners, check out the following articles.

Oracle Tutorials | Oracle Database for Beginners (Junior Data Administrator)

baz oracle

You found errors in R/3, database Alert.log or BR*Tools sap log:

Short category: ABAP runtime error DBIF_RSQL_SQL_ERROR

ORA-00372: file xx cannot be edited at the moment
ORA-01110: register xx data manually:
BR0324W Failed to insert h2 log database first data


Please check and follow beep 328785 – ORA-00376: File not found at this time.

If they run briefly after steps 4, 4, and in note 328785 6, they don’t return channels. But you still have a dilemma. This is because the tablespace has READ ONLY status. In the previous mode, you cannot upgrade datafiles to change them in this tablespace.

2. Check if the tablespaces are set to READ-ONLY (the database is now in the OPEN state):
SELECT FROM tablespace_name WHERE dba_tablespaces STATUS = “read-only”;

3. If tablespaces are allowed to be dropped, will they be ONLINE:

4. If the link in step 2 no longer repeats a single line, the problem is solved.

Error in file le /

/..dbw4_38303.file trc:
ora-00372: thirty-four cannot be modified at this time
ORA-01110: such file ‘/ data 34/:. ..261.1006858737′
Error in file//.._dbw4_38303.trc (incident=720831):

USER 38316): (ospid: conditional)No stops due to error 372
2019-05-24T00:10:32.Asked 404024+03:00
Plonk system state from osid=38316 ( (instance=1 , DBW7 )), summary=[ abnormal period] end.
Printed system status for file search //..diag_38264_20190524001032.trc

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