Lost use of forward slashes in Windows command line


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This document pertains promptslash.com HP methods using Windows 7.

Low disk space notifications appear intermittently, such as when trying to open the recovery drive.

Rice. : Not enough disk space message

Why Do These Errors Occur?

How do I fix the slash on my keyboard?

The recovery drive is designed to store all the files needed for disaster recovery when the system becomes unstable. The vehicle recovery drive is actually a partition on your computer’s main hard drive, not a real drive. It has much less free space than the (C:) drive. When you use the diskrecovery disk to search for files, or when a backup or restore program uses the recovery disk to store files, the disk simply fills up and can cause problems. You need to resort to system restore.

Do not store information files on the recovery drive. The best files in disk recovery are ideally related to feature recovery.

How do you make a slash in command prompt?

Space drawing: when restored (D:) is displayed as in the explorer

Recovery Disk Space (D:) as shown in Explorer

How To Fix These Errors?

To resolve disk space errors, make sure that System Protection is enabled only for the Recovery drive and remove non-System Restore files from the drive. Follow these steps:


Be sure to create a set of recovery discs before following these steps. If this system stops responding, it is likely to repair the programrecovery discs are used.

  1. Press


    start then right click



  2. Select properties.

    mapping properties

  3. : On the left side of the window, click System Protection.

    Figure: System protection

  4. Under “Recovery Drive Protection Options” under “Available Drives”. If the power is specified, check if protection is disabled on this drive:

    Figure: System protection options for many restores

  5. If security is disabled, this window is best.

  6. If protection is enabled, click a recovery drive name that you can highlight, then click Customize. Select “Turn off system protection” and click “OK”. If a confirmation message appears, click Yes or OK.

    Figure: Disable protection system in RECOVERY (D:).

    Disable protection scheme for RECOVERY (D:)

    How do you reverse a backslash on a keyboard?


  • Before you can prevent it placing backups, restored or personal MP3 files and folders on the recovery drive, request the ability to view inactive system files:

    1. In a regular Explorer window, press the Alt key on your keyboard to display the menu bar in that window.

    2. Click Tools, then choose Folder Options.

      Rice. : Folder Options

    3. Select the View tab. Select

    4. Show hidden files, folders and drives and remove the phrase Hide protected files from the control panel. If a warning message appears, return Yes or OK to confirm. Click OK to close the Folder Options window.

      Why is my slash a dash?

      Figure: Folder Options: View tab.

      Folder Options: View Tab

  • Double-click this recovery drive in File Explorer.

    Rice. : Recovery disc

  • If a window appears with the message “You do not have permission to access this type of folder”, click Continue.

  • If you see previously created or copied files on the recovery drive want to copy the videos to another drive to save them, for example to the C: drive.

  • Search for all Andel files you previously saved only on the recovery drive. Select the folders containing the data files or press Shift + Delete to permanently delete the files.

    Look for folders that may be associated with a backup program related to your computer. If the backup media stores files on the recovery drive, simply move the folder to a different location and change the media settings so that the files are stored on a different drive.


    How do I fix the slash on my keyboard?

    Do not delete files related to System Restore! Do not delete items: $RECYCLE.BIN, boot, hp, preload, Recovery, RecoveryImage, system.sav, bootmgr, BT_HP.FLG, CSP.DAT, DeployRp, HP_WSD.dat, HPSF_Rep or language, RPCONFIG! This may prevent future recovery of applications from the hard drive. If you are not sure, do not delete the file.

    Rice. : Files stored in the recovery partition (your computer will look different)

  • Several inspection windows will open. Click “Next” and “Yes” until the files and folders are deleted. O to

  • Reset the folder options directly to their original settings as follows:

    1. In the Explorer window, press the Alt key to display the File menu.

    2. Click Tools, then choose Folder Options.

    3. Select Don’t show hidden folders, files, or even drives, and then Hide protected performance system files.

      Why is my slash a dash?

      How do you make a slash in command prompt?