computer scientist


Vanquise to fill up a man’s gauge and start Crunch Mode, where he’ll move faster and deal a lot more damage!

The IT guy still didn’t have the technical knowledge. He just recently discovered computer science for himself, only now he is doing research


for this highway he’s heard so much about.

The Computer Scientist is the legendary variant of the Scientist in Plants vs. Zombies: Bash Garden Warfare 2. Has 100 hit points, including the default scientist, and uses a weapon called the Corrupter as its main weapon. ”, which increases his movement speed in combination with his damage output. However, it should be noted that kills made in Crunch mode do not increase the duration of the mode, which means it will likely last one time each time. same time range. It was first introduced to Backyard Battlefield gameplay. and He is a zoologist were the only science options that could be unlocked in Nashe’s beta.


Book Description With Stickers

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The computer scientist was not sure if they were that tech savvy. He has only recently discovered computers and is now wandering around Zomburbia in search of information about the highway he has heard so much about.

In-game Description

Defeat the enemies that fill up his multimeter and turn on the Crunch mode where you can really move faster and deal even more damage!

AI Health

  • Light: 60
  • Normal: 100
  • CRAZY: 80
  • Hard: 120
  • Main Weapon

    The main weapon of the Computer Scientist is the Code Defiler.

  • Close-range damage per hit is fifty-five, and the critical value is 54.
  • The base average damage per range hit will be 22 to 27, and the critical damage will be 30.
  • Total base range per hit damage is 8-10 and critical range is 15.
  • BazoYour melee damage per fight is 62 and 67 critical damage.
  • Average crunch damage from for each individual hit is between 40 and 45 and is equal to 50. Base crunch mode: ranged hit
  • from 15 to 20, the critical value is 25.
  • Weapons do not deal splash damage.
  • Ammo in the series is 6.
  • Reboot time is 0.7 seconds.
  • Projectile speed is medium.
  • This element is semi-automatic.
  • Medium sized flower.
  • Skills

    The computer has three active abilities that scientists like and one non-aggressive ability unique to it.Mode

    Crunch Crunch Mode – This is an exclusive IT passive ability, as well as their first ability. When scientific your computer passively defeats plants, the default value increases above loader fill, slightly changes the view. Computers turn green, making enemies harder to hit, but plants glow on the golf course, making them easier to spot. After activating the crunch mode, the multimeter readings will fall at a constant speed.



    The Computer Scientist is a very adversary, only dangerous if he is at close range. This is useful, very much because it requires healing, you can heal abilities without getting rid of the Crunch mode bar. However, he must be used in the same way as a marine biologist. While the IT now has a slower rate of fire than my marine biologist, it makes up for it with a ridiculously fast 0.7 second reset time and the undeniable fact that it has a lot more range. Well, if you’re playing as a dog, the strategy is to use teleport freedom to approach your dog kennel, walk straight towards it, burn the weapon (and deal 50% crit at close range), use teleport to retreat to others.and using one of your recovery skills (Zombie Healing Station, Armored Healing Station, or Mega Healing Bomb) to heal yourself and restore your overall health. also the Computer Scientist can attack from a distance, buto vaccines are not very powerful, so it is important to get close to the plants. Try to avoid stronger enemies like Citron Iron (specifically Citron) as they can take you down quickly. Just because you can deal almost any amount of damage doesn’t mean you’ll always win in 1v1 situations.

    In Crunch Mode, the Computer Scientist gains speed damage and damage resistance bonuses. Bloom’s exhaustion damage from the scientist’s computer hit 2 of 6 cups. The Speed ​​buff makes it easier to track fast or Sunflower Lemons enemies in their group form. Crunch mode also makes plants glow, like some gnome perspective effects, making them easier to spot and hunt. While Crunch Mode is powerful, the interface effect is its weakness. Because each of our screens is predominantly green and African, it can be very hard to tell directly what’s going on, which means getting hit by potato or grouse mines is a common occurrence. Loose oil is also dangerous, deadly because it cannot prove that it is raining oil, and music makes shoppers more vulnerable to burrows.


    The Computer Technician is extremely destructive to you, especially given his massive close-range damage, his 6-round magazine, and the fact that he can destroy himself and other zombies. Try to stay out of IT’s hands for as long as possible and try to help get rid of it from a distance instead of fighting face to face. Also, try to attack the computer first, scientist, because if he manages to do that and enters the mode, you will be in trouble. If he enters crunch mode, it’s best to attack him with a ranged attack with panic or fear, because even though his own crunch damage mode is definitely a huge ranged hit. Keep in mind that it can still be difficult for IT pros to see what’s going on, so experiment and use the component’s ability to beat it when it tries to beat you.


    They only spawn when that player gets the Superwave Mech, which is 3 semiTeas boss icons Mech Gargantua. Then the entire Samsung s8500 is made up of computer scientists and zombie robots.

    Unlike online multiplayer modes, the ITs listed below don’t deal much damage, so they lead players who have them to success. However, you can still repair Robo Zombies and attack them if you don’t deal with them for too long. they can sometimes be adapted for research, depending on the problems listed below.

    –Unlocking Tips

    Computer Technician is a legendary variant, which means it’s very hard to find his decals in either the sticker packs or the phenomenal character packs that have been unlocked. However, only two graphics are needed to unlock it. The best strategy for unlocking a scientist computer is to keep buying wonder packs of this size as they have the best chance of hitting the legendary goal, which means you have a good opportunity to get a scientist computer. Id=”Trouble_in_Zombopolis:_Part_Two_DLC”>Modification Issues

    Zombopolis Balancing: In Part 2 DLC

  • – 5 Crunch damage multiplier reduced from 0.5 to 1.25.Amount
  • ✓ shop reduced from 8 to 6.
  • ✓ Reduced update performance on reboot.