How to restore windows log?

This update allows users to install Windows Diary Journal on versions of Windows from which it has been removed. This package replaces the survival version and allows you to install many others.

  • Removing a prepared Windows 7 partition, how to help restore Windows 7 Home Prium

    Removing a pre-installed Windows 7 partition, how to restore Windows 7 Home Prium


    Now that you have deleted the recovery partition, your options are very limited.

    The only available download for Windows 7 is currently Microsoft, as Microsoft has stopped downloading the DigitalRiver Windows 7 ISO.

    But Microsoft definitely provides these Windows 7 downloads for retailprivate product keys, not pre-installed technologies for OEM products (Dell, HP, etc.).

    Because you have trained OEMs (Dell, HP, etc.) pre-installed, contact your computer manufacturer for assistance in ordering recovery media, which they will have to provide for a fee when available, which highly doubtful.

    Or you can also rent a Windows 7 Retail Edition DVD with incredible fidelity and use a component of your product to reinstall it.

    See you soon.

  • How to recover a Windows 8 product key if it is pre-installed on a Toshiba computer

    I have a Toshiba laptop with Windows 8 preinstalled and for some reason I didn’t need to boot the OS. The error displayed is simply “[not] control media. I created recovery discs of course. Will it be possible to extract the product tip from the BIOS? Please help

    In Windows 8, Microsoft changed the stickers where many people have the key product that all users must enter during the general installation of a new Embedded BIOS product key associated with the OS. The idea is that by removing each of our tiles, you are one of the easiest ways for bad users to eliminate to create a legitimate product key. A tag that also removes the product key eliminates any concerns that a sticker requiring damage, could be done by wasting time on the annoyingly long process of entering various characters and numbers during installation, most often associated with the operating system.

    If the user needs to reinstall the system on a computer running Windows 8, the installation process itself will automatically download important software packages from the BIOS of the motherboard if they have not been entered by the user. This means that these famous Windows Product Key stickers will no longer appear on Windows 8 PCs.

    In future new computers, mostly with Windows 8 pre-installed, there are alternatives called recovery partitions. This is used to reinstall a perfectly working system in case of system failure. To get to himaccess, your company should start when you start your computer by pressing the appropriate key. It can be F1, but also F2, F9, F10, F11, F12 Trick DEL or Tab. See the manual that came with your computer for instructions on how to reinstall Windows.

    For Toshiba: hold the “0” key BEFORE and during startup

    Is Windows Journal still available?

    Windows Journal was in the original Windows 10 July 2015 Mystery and November Update, but was removed in the Anniversary Update in the summer of 2016. All of its features have just been made available to OneNote integrated into Windows 10.



  • How to restore Windows 8 Windows Enterprise 8

    My sister’s phone runs Windows 8. She got the 8.1 update but decided to return it. She didn’t want to install an anti-virus program. I wanted to reinstall, but I could not, I have Windows 8 Enterprise Edition. Here’s how you can get your personal Windows 8.1 back without having to pay for it. This is a Toshiba laptop. I went to the world wide web, but got a message that the company’s services are not available in Nigeria.

    Thanks, Stephanie, for a comprehensive answer.

    The operating system has crashed. I posted on the Toshiba site and found a way to restore the Sprint system – turn off the PC, turn it on and press F12. In advanced options, click”Full Reset”. I did and was able to help you with Windows 8. Unfortunately, Microsoft has rejected the product or feature key that came with your computer. I’m still trying to fix the problem.

    But in general, I was able to restore the factory settings of the Internet.

    I think what happened with the initial restore was that during the restore, which took almost 10 hours, there were power outages for endless periods of time. Recovery files may not be complete.

    Now I have all the videos, including the recovery disk.

    I hope this helps others.

    Ibian Samuel

  • Satellite L850D – how to restore Windows 8

    Hello friends. It was

    I’m having problems with my Toshiba Satellite L850D laptop or computer and decided to do a factory reset.

    During recovery it would freeze while I held the electric mouse, and when I continued to work it looked like Windows 8 had been uninstalled.

    I took my laptop to a local computer repair shop who couldn’t fix my Windows 6 and Windows 7 installedyu on it.

    How do I install Windows Journal in Windows 10?

    Click “Run” to start suspend immediately.
    Click Save to copy the notification to your computer for later installation here.

    I paid around £80 extra when your organization bought a Windows 8 laptop that already had Windows 8 installed and I was wondering if there was a way to get it back?

    Thanks for your help

    If you haven’t created many recovery discs over the past few years, you have no choice but to order those discs here: eu/landing .aspx

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  • How do I restore Windows on the Satellite M40?

    I’m having a problem with the power going off when I turn off my computer

    Unable to reboot because I got the text: error c0000218
    The file \windows\system\vga850.fon is missing
    select R in the current window first
    when I load the CD provided by Toshiba recovery device I’ve read that I’m structuring the hard drive and losing all data.
    I’m not an expert
    Mostly my work on this computer, so I don’t understand, not specifically
    There is a choice, just two advanced
    local hard disk> in front of the image
    partition> to select the image
    management> of the personal file
    >hard disk
    selection of various options meters

    Sure, I can’t see the window in R

    I printed out information explaining that the recovery console was about to launch: I don’t know what it could be?
    I felt different things, but to no avail
    pressed F8, but returned to the above problems
    safely mode
    with your current command

    All suggestions are welcome

    Thanks for your help


    Sounds like a difficult situation. Now you can do the following: