How to troubleshoot issues during POST

What To Do If Laptop Freezes And Mail Freezes

How do I fix the BIOS on my computer?

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Click “Update & Security” select and “Restore All” on the left sidebar.
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Can you repair Windows 10 from BIOS?

No, Ne bios can’t help you. BIOS is independent of the operating system and has absolutely nothing to do with Windows assembly. your Use the Windows Recovery DVD or boot the media to USB and run the tool from there.

Sometimes your laptop or computer can turn on, but the Power On Self Test (POST) large error message freezes. starting a process . your computer sometimes freezes with a “not at all” error during POST. You can only see the logo of your technology manufacturer.

There are BIOS error messages that your screen may respond to and reasons why the PC may freeze during POST. Therefore, it is important that you follow a logical path like the one described below.

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getty required: minutes to hours, depending on the cause, the computer often fails to boot during POST.

How To Fix Hang And Restart Hang Issues During POST

  1. Correct the cause according to the BIOS error message displayed on the monitor. These errors at POST time are usually very flagged. If you happen to get one of these, the best troubleshooting guide would be to fix the specific error you’re seeing.

    If your organization is unable to resolve the issue by issuing a specific error during POST, you can always come back and continue troubleshooting here below.

  2. O Turn on all USB drives and remove discs from all optical drives. If your computer tries to boot from a location that does not contain boot data on your company computer, the computer may freeze somewhere, especially during POST.

    If you must, change the boot order and make sure your preferred boot cable (perhaps your internal hard drive) is listed before USB or many other sources.

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  3. Clear CMOS. Clearing BIOS memory will reset motherboard BIOS settings to factory defaults. Misconfigured is-bios is a good and reliable common cause of computer crashes during POST.

    If clearing the CMOS type solves your problem, change all future BIOS settings one at a time so that if the problem occurs again, you know that the change caused your problem.

  4. Check the power supply. The fact that your computer is turned on for the first time means that the power is not working. Load power supply is the most common causeThere are more startup problems than any other area of ​​computer hardware. This may well be the cause of your problems with

    will immediately replace your unit if powered, tests will reveal a problem with it.

    Don’t skip the power supply check and don’t assume that your problem may not be power related because your computer is on. If the electricity is partially working, the supply is often working, but what is not completely needs to be replaced.

  5. Reinstall everything on this computer. This will restore cables, invitations to others and connections.

    Try reinstalling in addition to the following steps and see if your computer then boots after POST:

  6. Reinstall all important data and cables
  7. Enable the memory modules again
  8. Reinstall all expansion cards
  9. Disconnect your keyboard and mouse, but reconnect them properly. It is unlikely that any of them will cause your computer to freeze during POST, but be careful: you will have to reconnect them when reinstalling anotherequipment.

  10. Reseat the processor only if you think it may have become disconnected or installed incorrectly.

    We share this task because CPU is unlikely to fail, and re-installing can cause problems if you’re not careful. You have nothing to worry about if you understand how sensitive the socket / slot on the motherboard is. For

  11. triple any hardware configuration, check if you fix it after a new laptop if or after build installations of additional hardware. Check each jumper in addition to check the DIP switch if your CPU, good old RAM and graphics card have always been compatible with your motherboard, etc. zero if necessary.

    Don’t assume that your motherboard supports a wide range of hardware. Check your motherboard manual to make sure the hardware you are selling is working properly.

    If you didn’t collect If you have your own PC or haven’t made any hardware modifications, you can skip this step altogether.

  12. Check the cause of the short circuit on your computer. This can be the cause of the exact issue where your computer is stuck at POST, especially if it happens without any BIOS error message.

  13. Boot up your home PC with the essentials. The goal here is to remove as much hardware as possible and keep your computer capable when you want to turn it on.

    Can you fix a BIOS?

    In some cases, you can fix corrupted BIOS issues by simply updating the BIOS. When updating the BIOS, make sure your primary computer has a constant power source. If the update process is interrupted, you may permanently damage your computer. You must determine the BIOS version you are using.

    If your computer boots normally with only the hardware installed, this will guide you to step 10. If nothing is found in the search results, go to step 11.

    Booting a computer with the bare minimum hardware required is very easy, requires virtually no tools or special tools, and can provide valuable information. If your computer still hangs during POST after each of the above steps, this should not be ignored. All

  14. perestUpdate the hardware you previously uninstalled daily, checking your computer after each installation.your

    Because the computer was turned on with the hardware installed, these additional components should work correctly. This means that one of the removed hardware components is preventing the desktop from turning on properly. By putting each device back into your computer or laptop and checking each time, you will eventually find the hardware causing your problem.

    Replace equipment that is currently not working after identifying it.

  15. Check hardware with the power-on self-test card. If it still hangs with POST and nothing but the desired hardware is installed, the POST card will definitely help identify the remaining devices that are preventing your computer from booting.

    If you are not yet very or ready to buy a real POST card, skip the second step.

  16. Replace every major part of your computer with an equivalent aftermarket or equivalent The exact computer part (that you know works), one specific part at a time, to choose the part that will make your computer stop dying. After each hardware change, check which component is defective. middle

    The owner of the home or at work does not have a set of working parts for the computer. If this is not possible, we recommend going back to step 11. The POST card is pretty and cheap as a rule, also, in our opinion, a smarter method than storing computer spare parts.

  17. Finally, if all else fails, you may need to find a computer repair professional from or the computer manufacturer’s technical support.

    If you don’t have a POST card or extra coins to use over and over, you don’t know what’s wrong with your important backyard computer. In these cases, you can count on the help of the people or companies that provide these tools and resources.

Tips And Additional Information

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