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Here’s what you need to do to restore the icon cache on your Windows 10 PC: Open a command prompt that contains administrative privileges. At the command prompt, type “echo %username%” (without quotes). The request will display your username. Then write the bulk of the address: More

Subject: Trucha Error -1035 With Restorer Error

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I’m new to the world of Wii hacking, so I’ve run into a problem that we can’t solve despite researching on several forums and Google’s. .So .I .take .the .daring .to .ask .a .question. src=”http://static .alt=”::(::” .. /db/smiles/icon_sad.gif”>

My firmware is version 4. And my 2 Wii, no internet connection. So I got the standalone package from this address and followed this guide until step – 3 Recovering a trucha IOS36 bug on Trucha using Bug Restorer. This is where the environment comes in, the problem during the degradation of the environment of your IOS15. I follow the steps indicated in the manual, but after double-checking and starting, important a priori, downgrading, at the end of the program, even after 3 seconds, did not present all the following messages:

– Error: ES_AddTitleStart -1035, you may need this updated downgrade tool
– Error: Failed to install version 0
– Failed to downgrade

So, I haven’t tried the following steps, but we’re stuck. I tried downloading from the NUS Downloader IOS that were in the offline Metagames package in case they got corrupted there last, but the result was the same.

How do I fix my desktop icons?

Right-click an empty space on your desktop.
Click on the “View” option in the context menu to add volume to the options.
Make sure it’s installedThe “Show table icons” checkbox is enabled.
Your icons should reappear as soon as possible.




Why are my desktop icons scattered?

Right click on desktop, select View. Make sure the auto-positioning icons are unchecked. Make sure the “Snap icons to grid” option is also unchecked. Reboot and check if the issue is resolved.

I’m working on improving my mod, updating it, adding all the latest patches and all that. I put Bootmii on boot2 HBC and installed DVDx. I used Trucha Bug Restore and did about 36 downgrades and used <> of each selected IOS15, went to our custom IOS 36 menu and did yes yes no for those options, now restored IOS15 but if I run cIOS38 , rev14 installer, I decide to use IOS36 and the network install I personally did with mine, then it usually throws a -1035 error at the end… Is there any indication that you’ve found a solution?



The network install is definitely a bit buggy. The application is easier to install. OS version from SD card.connectors

Wireless Wiis vary depending on your Wii variant. how the Wii who takes off vs. the Wii who doesn’t launch. This is

so it’s harder for you to do a network install than a full SD card install.

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How do I get my desktop icons back to normal?

Open settings.
Click Personalization.
Click Themes.
Click the “Customize Desktop Icons” link.
Check all the icons you want to see on your desktop, including Computer (This PC), User Files, Network, Recycle Bin, and Control Panel.
Click Apply.
click OK.




atIt works for me, I did not install via SD and not NUS.


Duplication happened to me but I did not install from SD and NUS. same

Why are my icons so far apart?

If you find uneven spacing between icons on your display, this option might Iconblend the problem. Also, you can resize based on the icons using the “Ctrl-Main + Scroll-Mouse” combination. Hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and move the mouse scroll wheel to adjust the font size.

this happens to me when i talk and i install not plus sd and nus.

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Follow the instructions on the org panel.


Follow this guide:

It’s easier, much easier than the previous guides.

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How do I get my desktop icons back to normal?

Why are my desktop icons scattered?

How do I fix my desktop icons?