Author: Everett Terry

Windows Vista User Experience (UX) Guide

Follow the Microsoft Windows Vista User Experience Guidelines (or “UX Guide” for short) to build your application’s user interface so that it takes advantage of all the new features of Windows Vista and provides a consistent user experience for your customers. These guidelines contain information on what’s new in Windows Vista, design principles, guidelines for
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Bill Gates last day CES Clip

Earlier this evening Bill Gates gave his final Microsoft keynote at the 2008 CES show in Las Vegas. Throughout the keynote he made many references to what he will do with his free time once he retires from day to day operations at Microsoft. It turns out Bill has big plans in addition to his
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RC1 Released to Customer Preview Program

Windows Vista RC1 is available for participants of the Windows Vista Customer Preview Program. Please go to the Customer Preview Program website to register and receive a Product Key, which is required to install and activate the software. Click here to download! Microsoft Free Computer Magazines for Visitors! eWeek, InfoWorld, RCR Wireless, Network World,
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